Photon Dynamo and The Shiny Pieces // Sept 4th

Every time John and Frank, two members of the trio that is the Photon Dynamo and The Shiny Pieces, it feels like we have A-list celebs in the house and its not just because they are local musicians everyone knows, or the fact that Frank, guitarist and lead singer, is also known as Frank #3, a Maggie Muldoon portrait that has been gracing the walls of little skips for the entire summer! They are a part of the community, living, creating, entertaining and ultimately help us grow Bushwick into a home we all love.

Their music is great and (cross our fingers) they get super famous and play intimate shows at little skips throughout their career.

You can download their album for free here and don’t miss the release party, where you will be able to get your hands on the uber limited vinyl pressing :)