Art Auction on Thursday August 26th

Summertime is dwindling away and the time is coming to say goodbye to our current art show. To bid farewell (literally), we will host an art auction! There will be a couple works auctioned live by one of our own, whereas most of the other masterpieces will be silently auctioned away. The show features works by Brian Rattiner, Diego Cupolo, Doug Olsen, James Corriveau, James Marshall, Lauren Denitzio, Luke Jacunski, Maggie Muldoon, Mitch McCann, Ray Henders, , Richard Haines, Shanon Weltman and Tamara Garvey,

There are numerous great works of art looking for the right home, so whether its for your bedroom or to hold on to while waiting for the Bushwick art boom, come place a bid for the chance to walk away having supported the local talent.The bidding starts as low as $10! So don’t miss a chance to get some art and support the local talent.

Check out a few of the pieces that you will be able to place a bid on here.